a Homemade/Experimental Album I made with my 

4-Track Recorder. 

You are welcome 

to download 

for Free.


I hope this homemade music brings an unique ambiance to your soul

Enjoy if you like.

01 iranradioeditoriginal.mp3

02 Water.mp3

03 Little Boy.mp3

04 Flange.mp3

05 Train.mp3

06 Cast Your Cares.mp3

07 Love.mp3

08 Arrows to the Stars.mp3

09 Fear Not.mp3

10 Honey Hidden.mp3

11 Jesus.mp3

12 Ocean.mp3

13 Quiver Double.mp3


Free Downloads also found Here:


Job 26:7 

It is He that stretched out Zaphon over 


Job 26:13 

By His Wind the Heavens were calmed